turn again to the earth


It is a wholesome and necessary thing for us
to turn again to the earth
and in the contemplation of her beauties
to know the sense of wonder and humility.

~Rachel Carson, (1907 – 1964)

6 thoughts on “turn again to the earth

    • Kathy, what an extraordinary compliment! It is always my intent to “deepen meaning” in my photo and quote pairings, and I so appreciate that you noticed! Many thanks! xo

  1. This is just beautiful Amy. I have a Rachel Carson book which I got from my parents’ house, after they had both passed. It means so much to me. My Dad loved nature and was a science teacher. And we always used to take long walks together. Seeing this pic and hearing Rachel Carson’s name made me remember how much I miss him, and how some lives are cut short, but never forgotten.

    • Linda, what a lovely memory you must have of the long walks you and your dad took together. May each sweet encounter with nature keep him close to you… xxoo

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