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Hello, I’m Amy. Welcome!

This is my inner sanctum and personal getaway, a place I come to write, to create, to remember.

I am a wife and the mother of three beloved, grown children. My husband and I reside in Illinois. Together, we’re settling into this new chapter of our lives, acclimating to our recent status as empty-nesters.

If you’re curious to discover a bit more about me, you should know this: I’m uneasy with the increasing velocity of modern life. For all the gifts today’s technology offers, not the least of which is a variety of ways to communicate meaningfully with others, something else, something precious, is being lost at a rate I find alarming. And what is it we’re losing?

A sense of stillness.

I require vast amounts of stillness in order to maintain equilibrium in a world that, for me, spins too fast, talks too loud, demands too much attention.

Perhaps this is so because I’m a lifelong student of the woods, fields, ponds, and rivers that surround my home. Perhaps it’s because I was raised by a poet – my mother – a gentle, artistic soul who taught me to seek beauty, to relish solitude. Whatever the reason may be, stillness, solitude, and peace are the things I cherish and choose for myself against the noise and distractions of the modern world. With an eye toward all I find beautiful, it is this sense of peace, of stillness, that I wish to convey.

The photographs you’ll see here are my own. My husband, Jeff, a professional photographer, is my frequent guest contributor.

I have collected quotations and poetry for many years, and I delight in drawing from my personal archives in order to weave words of wisdom and loveliness together with the photographs I share.

Thank you for stopping by. If you’d like to join me, you are most welcome! I’d love to walk with you here, along My Path with Stars Bestrewn.



20 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Amy,

    Sharon turned me on to your blog. It’s beautiful! And you write as well as you do great things with tiny things. Were I to return to the planet after several centuries and there is still an “Antiques Road show” to be seen (probably in 3-D where the viewer sits in a digital chair along with the characters showing off their ancient treasures) one of your creations will cause gasps of delight and go for several millions of the coin of the time. Lovely work.

    John Dombek

    PS: I believe I detect Jeff’s creative hand in your home page photo. He’s one of the best. Say hello for me.

    • John,

      You’re a man I’ve admired all my life – a writer from Maine, a caring soul, sire of a gorgeous, active, fun-loving family, father of a cherished friend. That you find merit in anything I’ve tried to communicate here is humbling. Thank you, so much, for your kind words.

      And yes, you have a keen eye and prove you know Jeff well: his gorgeous photo does indeed grace my home page, and I smile every time I see it. I agree with you – Jeff is one of the best. He’s my rock, my sweetheart, the wind beneath my wings. I’ll tell him hello for you.

      Blessings to you and yours, and thank you for taking a moment to visit with me here. xoxo

      ~Amy ❤

  2. Amy, I feel as if I know you better after reading this. No wonder we find such resonance in each other’s words. This line speaks to me and for me, as if it came straight from my own heart: “I require vast amounts of stillness in order to maintain equilibrium in a world that, for me, spins too fast, talks too loud, demands too much attention.” Yes, yes. I love the way you speak: softly, from a place of peace, and with no extra verbiage. Honored to know you, I am.

    • And I, dear Katrina, am honored to know you. I love knowing that you, also, are a seeker of stillness. In the quiet places, the heart speaks; mine says you are a treasure. Bless you. xoxo

  3. i re-read this just now, and inhaled a deep and life-renewing dose of your rare beauty, your special brand of oxygen. it is a wonder of wonders that through this cyber-medium that often feels unnatural to me — contrary to my own quiet eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart rhythms — we have stumbled onto each other’s paths…..yours, bestrewn with stars, is a particular wonder to me. bless you each and every step along your path…..

    • Dearest Barbara, I feel precisely the same way about you, and I count my lucky stars that you’re walking this path beside me. You are most welcome here, a cherished guest. I’m grateful for your kindness, your goodness, and most of all, for your generous, loving heart – it shimmers so. Blessings~ xox

  4. Hi Amy, I stumbled over your beauty here in photos and quotes by chance – not hardly, I suppose. I was looking for the quote, “Undo it take it back…” I had copied it once from a memorial service momento and of course misplaced it with my collage of quotes saved all over my life. I have searched for it many times on the internet but never could find it until today it showed up on your blog. Even so I found it somewhere else/clicked and lost it and when I came back that is when your blog showed up. That is a long story, but I am one who believes all things are for a reason.

    My words are a ditto to the post above me….when I read “about” you….one thing stood out: your mom was a poet. I am not sure where I got my love of words, sensitivity, and love of nature and all its holy ground…my father somewhat…but in that respect I was not “raised” quite so in it all, but am raising myself… Anyway I love your little blog. I write a very simple monthly community journal that I love to do…and put quotes and stories and musings and more…so I have found that quote and found you too… Blessings.

    • Judy, I believe in life’s synchronicities, too, and I’m glad you “happened’ my way. I love knowing you’re a sensitive person who loves words and nature. Happy to learn you’re penning a community journal and filling it with quotes, stories, musings. I’d love to see what you’re creating! Thanks very much for stopping by. All the best to you. xo

  5. Hello Amy! I am happy to be here and to know you.There is no doubt you are a great, inspiring writer. Hope to read more of your work and enjoy your pictures. My friendship to your dear husband. You can be sure that with his support you are reaching the stars in your aspirations. Keep shining, loving lady. The world needs that light.

    • And I am happy to meet you, my friend! You are most welcome here! I agree with you: the world needs all the light we can give. I so appreciate your work and your beautiful spirit. Wishing you much success in your endeavors. Thanks so much for visiting with me here. Blessings~

  6. I have been reading your entries for many months. The ones this week have had a particular resonance for me. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Thank you for sharing so graciously.

    • Wendy, how simply lovely of you to take a moment to write me a note. You’ve made my day, quite literally! Thank you, so much, for your kind remarks. It means a great deal to me to know my posts this week have resonated. Thank you for letting me know! Wishing you all the best~ xoxo

  7. My three children are also now grown and my husband and I are navigating this new phase in our lives. Although we live in a large city, I have a view of trees, flowers and birds which nourish me daily and offer a “still point of the turning world”. Your blog and photos have offered similar peace and quiet joy. As a certain Anne would say, you are a kindred spirit.xoxo

    • Wendy, I’m honored to welcome you as a true kindred spirit, and I look forward to future exchanges! You’re so kind to take the time to connect with me here; thank you so much! I love knowing you and I share a remarkably similar path, and that you, too, look to nature to discover “the still point of the turning world.” I’m delighted to be in touch with you, my friend! Blessings to you and yours~ xoxox

  8. Hello!!! I am an IG friend (yoga gal) and I just realized you had a blog attached so I decided to have a look! So glad I did and will look forward to and enjoy your posts in both places!!


    • Karen, hello!!

      What a delight to find your lovely message here! Thank you so much for popping over from IG to find me! I so enjoy connecting with you (and your marvelous photos) on IG, and it will be an added joy to walk the garden path with you here! You have just made my day!

      All the best to you~ xxoo

  9. Amy,
    I was drawn to you from knowing you on Instagram but now…..oh my word. You are an inspiration to me, you have no idea. Every word you write resonates somewhere inside me. I am so much like you, but unable to communicate my thoughts & feelings to the world in the beautiful manner you do.
    I really look forward to following you here and getting to know you better. ❤

    • Dear Monica, I feel just the same about you! Your presence on Instagram is warm and welcoming, and I, also, have felt drawn to you. I’m delighted to connect with you on Instagram and now, here in the ether as well via our respective blogs! I’m so happy you’ll be writing all about your wonderful stitching and can’t wait to read your future posts! Thank you so much for your kindness in connecting with me here. I look forward to many future exchanges with you! Much love and many blessings~ xoxo

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