there is a native tranquility

native tranquility

I don’t believe you have to get a peaceful heart.
I think there is a native tranquility
within each of us
that’s already there.
And through quieting your mind and your heart,
you can slip right down into it.

John O’Donohue, (1956 – 2008)

8 thoughts on “there is a native tranquility

  1. Hi Amy – I find myself looking forward to your posting of lovely photos and helpful quotes – both very calming, peaceful. Reminds me of the Navajo saying, “Walk in beauty…” Thank you for putting these thoughtful gems out there for us to take in and absorb.

    • Jan, your lovely, lovely message this morning has made my day! Thank you for taking a moment to send a note. I, too, love that Navajo saying… It pleases me more than I can say to know you’re enjoying my posts. I’m so glad you are! Love and blessings to you~ xxoo

    • It’s so lovely to hear from you, Jo! ❤ I can't tell you what a joy it is for me to know that you find my little offerings therapeutic. Thank you for taking a moment to send a note – this one made my day! Sending you all my best wishes~ xoxo

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