4 thoughts on “a hundred pockets

  1. love that image of 100 pockets. in chicago, when i was a young thing, there was a children’s morning show in which the host was COVERED in pockets, and each one reminded him of something he needed to do, or say, etc. the image of his zippered jump suit ala many pockets leapt immediately to mind. that and katy the kangaroo of pockets…..

    • I’m glad I don’t have pockets of things I have to remember, or remember to say! If I did, a jumpsuit like the one that children’s show host wore would be the just the right thing! I love the thought that each day presents us with pockets of possibility. My challenge would be how to limit a day’s thoughts, dreams, inspirations, and opportunities to a mere one hundred. There aren’t pockets enough in a lifetime to contain all the goodness and beauty and love that could be. But it’s fun to try, wouldn’t you agree? xox

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