13 thoughts on “when you’re standing under the sky

  1. Hi Amy – Well, a few minutes ago, as the sun was setting it sent a golden light through the woods just as a rain shower started. I ran to the east side of the house, went outside, as your post mentioned, and there above the golden sun -lit treetops was a large rainbow across the sky. How great is that? Sure makes problems seem smaller, for sure.
    Love your posts.

    • Jan, you cannot possibly know how much this means to me. Thank you for taking a moment to connect with me here! I’m thrilled to know that your trip outdoors just now was rewarded by a rainbow arcing across the sky! How wonderful… How beautiful… May your problems resolve, may your days be touched by kindness, may nature’s gifts continue to embrace you… All the best to you, my friend, always~ xo

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