preserving a gentle spirit in a heartless world

Gentleness is not weakness. Just the opposite. Preserving a gentle spirit in a heartless world takes extraordinary courage, determination and resilience. Do not underestimate the power of gentleness because gentleness is strength wrapped in peace,
and therein lies the power to change the world.

~L. R. Knost

10 thoughts on “preserving a gentle spirit in a heartless world

  1. I love your posts Amy. Today’s really touched me and I forwarded it to my daughters and son-in-law, to spread the power of gentleness.

    • It’s good to realize that gentleness is strength, isn’t it? I’m happy to hear you have passed these words along; thank you for letting me know, Mickie. Sending love~ x o

  2. Amy – a powerful message, and a rare one – one we need to hear more of. Thank you for these words of wisdom – and your beautiful photo. – Jan

  3. This touched me deeply. Thank you Amy for always helping us heal and grow. Much love to you and know how much your posts always mean to me! xo

    • Maude, it’s good to know my posts are meaningful to you… Thank you for these kind words. I appreciate them, and you, so much. Sending you love, always~ x o

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