the music of her laughter

Carol…. Her name means song. 

Carol was my brilliant, beautiful, and only sister. And I lost her, ten years ago tomorrow…. Sometimes, when the music of her laughter echoes back to me, sunbeams break through clouds.

In memory of my beloved Carol, whose heart I’ll cherish forever, these words today:

There is a music for lonely hearts nearly always.
If the music dies down there is a silence
Almost the same as the movement of music.
To know silence perfectly is to know music.

~Carl Sandburg, (1878 – 1967)

18 thoughts on “the music of her laughter

  1. What a beautiful tribute. I love that quote. I am so very sorry for your loss Amy. I never knew that you had a sister. May today be filled with the silence that remembers and may music fill the empty spaces . . .
    Love, as always,

    • “May today be filled with the silence that remembers and may music fill the empty spaces . . .” Your beautiful words are a balm to my heart today, my dear Wendy. Your friendship is a true blessing. Thank you, so much. xxoo

  2. Oh honey. Crying with a particular tenderness. She is beautiful! Soooo beautiful. The two of you….now know that she died two days after your papa’s birthday. I am so sorry. Sending much love to all of you. Xox

    • She was astonishingly beautiful… She had an extraordinary intellect, and the most delightful sense of humor. I miss her so…. Thank you so much for your ever-present loving kindness, my sweet friend… xoxo

  3. Oh, Amy, I’m so sorry for such a loss. You and your sister favor each other, both beautiful. Sending you big hugs and prayers.

  4. Oh Amy, the quote is perfect for Carol. This picture is so wonderful of your bond. I remember her in such a loving way and thank you for sharing.
    Peace and light to you, sweet girl.
    ~ Suellen

    • I love that you remember my beautiful Carol and share a bit of history with her. She always spoke fondly of you. And now I’m lucky to call you my friend. Thank you for this gift, and for your kind words today. Much love to you, sweet Suellen. xoxo

  5. The world, is poorer from the loss of such beauty. We all can only hope for someone like you, that keeps the memory alive. So sorry for your loss, but grateful you shared with us.
    “How long will I love you? Forever is too defined.
    So I will add a day, or two, onto the end of time.”
    Forever and two days.

    • I don’t often speak of my sister because the pain of losing her is still so great, even ten years later. But I agree with you — it is of vital importance to keep memories alive. Forever and two days: how simply beautiful! I have never heard these words before. Thank you for sharing them here — especially today. All my best wishes to you, Ron, and thank you once again for your kindness.

    • Carol and I were always laughing together, trading stories, sharing secrets. We were very close… It’s true that we never stop missing the ones we have loved so dearly. Thank you for your kind words today, Linda. They’re much appreciated. xo

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