2 thoughts on “a stone that floats

  1. Thank you….thank you ….
    Your beautiful introduction in “about me” took my breath away… As did this post.
    Because it is so true…..
    We have lost something. Thank you for helping us finding it again, through these beautiful pictures, these resounding words, quotes and poems.

    I “found” you because you liked one of my Instagram pictures. Thank you for that as well. We live in the Netherlands, and we too have an empty nest now, and to be frank: I am having great difficulties adjusting, finding my way.
    Therefore I am so glad I discovered your blog filled with treasures!
    Warmest regards,
    Annette (nessiesnews on IG)

    • Annette,

      I’m delighted to meet you and look forward to future exchanges with you here and on IG! I so appreciate your kind remarks; thank you for them.

      My heart goes out to you as you search for a sense of equilibrium as an empty nester. It takes time to adjust to a new sense of normal. Although our children no longer live with us, they don’t seem far away. Perhaps it’s because of what my mother used to say to me. As I took increasingly larger hops of independence while growing up, Momma would say she had to let out her apron strings a little more in order to let me go. Psychologically, I loved the idea that no matter how far I traveled, my mother’s loving apron string would keep our hearts together… When the time came for our children to leave home, I was sad but not despondent: I knew all I needed to do was let out my own aprons strings a little more…

      Wishing you every good thing, my friend~ xo

      ~Amy ❤

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