6 thoughts on “Harbinger

  1. Have always loved this quote Amy. Thank you. I hope it does feel like spring there. It is to be warm this week here and so I’m eagerly awaiting our own harbinger. Thank you for bringing us to that hopeful place today. xo

    • I love that you love this quote, too, Maude. Yes, it’s spring here – cloudy and blustery by turns and chilly, then almost balmy and sunny. The bright green tips of crocus and daffodil leaves are visible in our garden, and now, the robins: joy! May spring wend her way to your lovely NH gardens soon. x o x o

    • It’s a joy to share tidings of spring with a cherished friend. Thank you for popping in, Christopher! As always, Jeff and I send love and best wishes to you and your darlings. xoxo

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