the old cottonwood speaks


I have not stood upon earth half as long as this aged tree. Has it any wisdom, then, to lend me? As questions find form, I suspend them unuttered in the hush of twilight.

Sensing my need, the old cottonwood speaks:

Child, you are built to withstand the storm, whether flood or drought, hail or heat, tempest or lightning strike, blizzard or blight.

Youth fades, illusions wither and fall away. But what is essential remains.

When at last you stand in simplicity, in stillness, empty arms upraised, you, too, can embrace the infinite.

11 thoughts on “the old cottonwood speaks

    • That my words have meaning for you is a great blessing to me, my friend. But I’m only passing along what the old cottonwood told me…. Much love to you~ xox

    • Dear sweet Ellen, you are most welcome. I know you also incline a listening ear toward the whisperings of nature. You’re a true kindred soul, and I’m blessed to call you my friend. Much love to you~ xoxo

  1. Oh Amy, thank you for sharing your deep listening and wisdom from the old cottonwood tree. More and more I’ve been feeling and noticing and listening to the amazing wisdom of nature. I wonder if you’re acquainted with Michael J. Roads’ work. If not, I have a feeling it will resonate with you, especially his first book, Talking With Plants. ❤

    • You are so welcome, Lorraine! I love knowing that you, also, have been seeing, hearing, and feeling nature’s wisdom more and more. (If only our restless world could experience a healthy, daily dose of this wisdom…) I have not heard of Michael Roads, but I’ll look him up. Thank you for your kind remarks, my friend. Blessings~ xoxo

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