6 thoughts on “Rejoice in the things that are present

  1. You sweet thing. You’re always giving me permission:). Today, it’s to know I’m doing all I can do right now and the future will take care of itself. Thanks for spreading, as usual, your seeds of kindness and wisdom.

  2. Amy, I wonder if you know how much money you save me on therapy 😉 Just when I think I’m overwhelmed-planning my daughter’s wedding, the first big family event since my husband passed away…a simple message from you brings peace. In the words of Peter Frampton “ooh baby I love your way” ~
    Joanne (the frazzled Mother of the Bride)

    • Oh, Joanne… I’m so sorry to hear about your husband…

      How full your heart must be as you plan your daughter’s wedding – it brings tears to my eyes, just thinking about it….. Bless you, beautiful Mother of the Bride; may your daughter’s wedding be as luminous as your love for her.

      It’s always a special joy to have a message from you, Joanne. ❤ I'm humbled to know you've found any of my posts therapeutic. Thank you, so much, for taking a moment from your busy schedule to send me words of kindness and love. I'll treasure them, always.

      Peace to your heart~ xoxo

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