12 thoughts on “Environmental portrait, with signature

  1. shadow play with heart beside…..at least i THINK that chunk nibbled out of the tree looks to be a heart. we can imagine it to be so. and how amazing that you stumbled upon those sticks that just happened to spell A-M-Y!

    • I so love that you see, or at least think you see, a heart in the tree bark, Barbara! And yes, I stumbled on all those lovely oak twigs, the perfect objets trouvé for my little art project. The sudden compulsion to write one’s name in oak twigs must be the midwestern woodlands version of writing one’s name in the sand. 🙂 xoxo

    • Thank you for thinking of me! I’ll accept your challenge, but as I said in recent note, don’t hold your breath! I doubt I’ll be able to give this any thought until sometime next week. xoxo

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