a heart made of light

0170_love, as light

I was looking out to the woods this morning, absorbing the leafy green gloriousness that is early June, when all of a sudden, I saw something I’ve never seen before and may never see again. As I looked on in half-disbelief, sunbeams spilled across the surface of our sturdy backyard oak to create a perfect heart, a heart made of light.

A heart made of light – an image so beautiful, so brief and unexpected, a moment so poetic and metaphorical, I can’t stop thinking about it. Maybe it was meant just for me, but I’m posting it here because it might have been meant just for you.

16 thoughts on “a heart made of light

  1. Amy, I always enjoy your posts, pictures, poems, etc, but very rarely comment. I want to take time today to say thank you. Your site touches me daily, and I appreciate you. What a gift for you today to find another lovely heart! How special for you and now for me!

    • How thoughtful of you to take a moment to send me a note, Jackie! Thank you so much! It’s a joy and privilege to know you enjoy all I share here. Your message has just made my day!

      It was an astonishment to discover a heart made of sunlight this morning. I love that it has a special meaning for you, too!

      All the best to you, and many blessings~ xoxo

  2. Like all epiphanies of awareness – something you have to ready for. How perfect the heart of light, how perfect your thoughts – thanks for sharing!!

    • You’re most welcome, and I agree with you about epiphanies, Judy. It truly was a perfect heart of light, a moment of beauty I’ll remember always. Thank you for your kind remarks! xoxo

  3. you remind us, each and every one, to open our eyes — and our hearts. for the wonders are quietly, certainly, there, awaiting our notice. that you looked up and saw a heart shining on the trunk of the tree, it’s nothing short of a holy moment, a divine tap on the shoulder, the whisper of love always nearby…..

    • Wonders are quietly, certainly here, just waiting for us to take notice – I couldn’t agree with you more, dear Barbara.

      I was dazzled by a heart made of sunlight. The mystery and majesty of nature are the signature of the divine. xoxo

  4. Oh my dear kindred soul, how very wonderful to come across this today! A heart made of sunlight, how perfectly perfect, you bless me so. ♥♥

    • Dear Tamara,

      You shower me with kindness. I so appreciate your gentle nature and beauty of spirit. I’m happy to know you loved this heart made of sunlight!

      Hugs from Amy ❤

  5. Your lovely heart reminds me of the Roald Dahl line, “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” You believe, and you find it everywhere.

    • You know me well, dear friend. The incantations of nature are everywhere; I’m a believer, and I’m continually spellbound. Much love to you~ xoxo

  6. Good Eye, Amy! Your posts always bring light to my life! Funny, though, as I was looking for the heart on the tree, with a bit of trimming, I also found an almost heart of open sky to the left, before I spotted the tree one. 🙂 Thanks for making me use my imagination!

    • Carol, I love these words: “an almost heart of open sky.” I’m delighted you employed your creative eye while searching for the heart of light!

      Thank you for your perennial joy, kindness, and friendship. You are a always a sunny spot in my day! xoxox

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