8 thoughts on “the sky is held in the water

  1. breath taken. the conversation between words and picture, the never having thought of the world holding the water gingerly, as if when we ferry a big bowl from sink to stove, and try not to slosh. your offering brings a smile of delight, and sudden recognition, as well as newfound marveling at the wonder……

    • Oh, yes, sweet B, that’s it, exactly! I just love how you’ve linked these favorite lines of mine to the way we take special care not to slosh water from a bowl. I was out for dinner with our family last night and had just enough time to step outside to admire the sunset before heading off to rehearsal. The air was so soft, the sky so luminous, the river so lustrous, I wanted to stay and stay. . .

  2. Amy, once again you offer the gift of words exquisitely suited to an image. How grateful I am for your quiet presence, reminding me to look up in wonder and gratitude.

    • Thank you, dearest K. I have suddenly realized that you are so like spring: your gentle warmth causes hearts to bud and blossom. I am beyond grateful for you. Blessings and love~ xoxo

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    • It is a great joy to me, knowing you and I happen to keep, and have long kept, a commonplace book. Yet another beautiful thing we share, my friend! xoxo

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