this miracle of light and life

Evening rush hour, late February: headlights stream by, horns blare, red light, green light, stop, go; ice-encrusted parking lot, salt-smudged cars, penetrating cold; people shove hands in pockets, brace against wind, look down, scurry toward cars or duck into stores.

I’ve just pulled up. As I switch off the engine and step from my car, I don’t flee the elements; I’m unaware of them. If my feet touch the ground, I can’t feel them – not because I’m cold, but because I’ve flown up to embrace the sky.

0142_this miracle of light and life

Oh, this sky! It’s a fire opal, so glorious I scarcely breathe.

Time stands still, and no matter what the cares of the day have been, this moment, this now, this miracle of light and life is all there is. It happens to me all the time.

A few evenings ago. I stopped for some things at the market. It was twilight, clear and bitter cold. The sky was a spill of indigo, the horizon a luscious, luminous apricot. Low in the west, bright Venus glittered like an ice crystal, close enough to touch, and the waxing crescent moon gave its slender, beneficent silver smile. I lingered there a long while, absorbing this gorgeousness while other shoppers, heedless of the miracle, came and went.

Some find sunset sad, another day gone. Light fades and darkness falls, it’s true, but I prefer to contemplate the words of Robert Browning:

My sun sets to rise again. 

Each sunset is a lavish gift, a spectacular canvas splashed across the sky. It’s also a love letter delivered every day, right on time, always, bringing with it the sure promise of tomorrow’s light.

12 thoughts on “this miracle of light and life

  1. Isn’t it amazing, that the earth’s rhythms are repeated every day? Sometimes we notice; other times, not.

    Me, I feel better for watching the sunrise almost every morning, a whispered call to worship. And ohhhh, those fiery sunsets– a love song performed by Earth and Sky and Sun; a glorious hallelujah to all that is Divine.

    I’m glad you stop to appreciate them, too, despite the bitter cold.

    • Each sunrise, each sunset is indeed a whispered call to worship.

      When the heavens radiate infinite majesty, whether at first light or afterglow, the spirit takes wing and soars ecstatic.

  2. Dear Amy,
    I just love your way with words. For me, sunsets remind me that I have conquered another day; be it filled with chaos or calm. And like Browning, I too anticipate the next sunrise and all that it has in store for me…said a mom of 5 and a grandmother of 11 ~
    p.s. I wish you’d write a book ❤

    • It’s a good feeling, isn’t it, Jo, to feel strong and resolute at day’s end? Some days are trying, some are joyful, but moving forward each day, whether with baby steps or giant strides, is a job well done.

      I love knowing you’re a mother of five, a grandmother to eleven! I’m just beaming, thinking of how many times love can be multiplied. As we see in each sunrise that glows in the east, each sunset that flames in the west, love and beauty and possibility are infinite.

      You wish I’d write a book? You couldn’t have offered me a finer compliment. Thank you, my friend, for your faith in me! Blessings and love~ xox

    • I’m thinking about our mutual love of music, Nancy – how music gives us wings and lets the spirit soar. So much beauty everywhere, over our heads, below our feet, all around us. Blessings~ xo

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