You must believe in spring

0141_you must believe in spring

When angry voices drown
the music of the spheres,
and children face a world
that’s far beyond their years,

above the darkest sky
the full horizons lie
with all the reasons
why you must believe in spring.

You must believe in love
and trust it’s on its way,
just as the sleeping rose
awaits the kiss of May.

So, in a world of snow,
of things that come and go,
where what you think you know
you can’t be certain of,
you must believe in spring,
and love.

From You Must Believe in Spring, by Jacques Demy and Michel Legrand

11 thoughts on “You must believe in spring

  1. please tell me you took that picture maybe a year ago. because at my house tonight it’s something like 20 below zero, and i will have to run out with blankets if there are any wee crocus daring to bare their purple skins……

    • Allow me to reassure you, my lovely: this is indeed a photo from another year. But just look at how crocuses prevail, despite cold and snow and bitter circumstance – a sturdy lesson from the smallest of things. xoxo

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