Tidings of comfort and joy

0120_Tidings of Comfort and Joy

A Victorian wreath I designed and created this year in memory of my lovely mother.

As I mark my first anniversary of blogging here on My Path with Stars Bestrewn, I find myself feeling humbled and amazed. When I posted my first offering, The Gate of the Year, on January 1, 2014, I was secretly filled with trepidation. Where would my words go, and who might read them? I had no way of knowing what wonderful new friends I’d make here in the blogosphere, lovely souls across the United States, Canada, and various countries around the globe. It has been the most incredible experience. Thank you!

Through our ever-lovely mutual friend, Katrina Kenison, I happened to meet a new and wonderful friend, Melodye Shore. Last February, Melodye and I bonded over While my pretty one sleeps, a tribute I wrote in memory of my beautiful mother. Over the course of this year, Melodye and I have continued to discover the many ideas and ideals we happen to share: a mutual love of gardening, music, poetry, photography, and the mystical wonders of creation.

Intrigued by a photo I posted of a Victorian wreath I designed and lovingly placed on my mother’s grave this year, Melodye struck up a series of conversations with me which led to an extraordinarily loving gift she recently gave me, a gift she has also dedicated to the memory of her beloved Nana. She has written all about it today on her blog, Joyful Noise, in a new post entitled “Tidings of Comfort and Joy.” I’d love to share it with you now: please click here to read this beautiful story!

Melodye’s thoughtfulness and generosity are love made manifest. From her careful attention to the metaphorical meaning of each minute detail of the handmade gift she created, to the lovely photographs she snapped to document this gift, to the magical way she relates this story, Melodye reveals her rare and beautiful heart as she pays homage to the divine and eternal spirit of loving and giving.

This is a Christmas tale to tuck in your heart, one whose lessons are never-ending. (Melodye’s post today also features a haiku written by my mother in 1982 – three precious lines that mean absolutely everything to me. I hope you’ll love them, too.)

Whether you’re near or far, I wish you peace, love, and joy today, and many, many blessings. Thank you, so very much, for the gift of your presence here with me on My Path with Stars Bestrewn.



12 thoughts on “Tidings of comfort and joy

  1. practically unspeakably beautiful. i am awash in marvel and wonder…..the two of you are proof of everything beautiful and wondrous and miraculous. i am awash in christmas magic. and who knew this blessed space was only one year old? it’s timeless and infinite far as i know…..

    blessings, abundantly, to all of you….

    • It’s Christmas magic, to be sure – serendipitous and unexpected and lovely, a circle dance of love, the past twining hands with the present.

      Thank you, dear Barbara, for your warm and loving presence and for your many kindnesses. Blessings and love to you and to all the big and little children who ’round your table go! xoxo

  2. Thank you for being a bright star, a guiding light as it were, for those whose paths have intersected with yours on your blog. I was honored to have the opportunity to pay tribute to your Maymer, and I’m still basking in the comfort & joy of that experience. XOXO

    • Melodye, you left no tender task undone when you set about your angel’s mission to honor Maymer’s place of rest. It was, and will ever be, the most loving gift imaginable. I’ve been thinking a great deal about the circlet of bright bougainvillea that caught your eye at the cemetery, about the bird who followed you and chirruped from the tree-tops, about the late year’s sun that spread its plumes across the sky as you stood near my dear Maymer, with your precious Nana and my sweet momma right there in your heart. Picturing this scene, a magical moment that will remain with me always, the words of a familiar carol spring to mind: Let heaven and nature sing! Be assured that my heart will forever repeat the sounding joy. Bless you, dear friend, for shining your light for all to see. xoxo

    • It is in honor of love and joy and goodness that we join hands and dance together, wouldn’t you agree, Jeannette? We’re kindred spirits all, and it makes me smile from my heart. Love and blessings to you and your dear ones~ xoxo

  3. This touching story is one of God’s intricate and beautiful tapestries, knit together while you were both unaware. Amazing. I can’t wait to see what you bring to us in the coming year.

    • Ann, I love how you describe this amazing gift as an intricate and beautiful tapestry. I find it magical, too, woven together with love, heaven-sent. Much love to you, my loving friend. xoxo

  4. What a beautiful thing to do! The wreath is gorgeous and the sentiment/caring behind it even more so. Thank you for sharing this story. I have loved getting to know you through our blogs. Gives me faith that there are more beautiful people out there . . .

    • I have loved getting to know you, too, Kristine! I always enjoy your thoughtful posts. They invite me to take a second look, to pay attention, go deeper, ponder, and reflect. I’m definitely on Team K., and I’m sending you all my good thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful New Year filled with special surprises – and beautiful people around every corner. xoxo

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