10 thoughts on “an austere and blazing poetry

    • I do, indeed, Barbara. My dear Jeff captured this image a few days ago, and for two days I’ve studied it, wanting to share it here, but at a loss for words to pair with it. To Jeff’s eye, this sunrise is a lighted wick, or a torch. Isn’t it interesting? We each view the glories of nature through a unique lens. In the clouds, I see a thousand upward-floating possibilities: what might this day bring? Every good and perfect gift, wouldn’t you agree? xox

    • And I am grateful to you, dear Katrina, for sharing the beauty of where you are! I’ll pass your kind words along to Jeff, who captured this moment of wonder for all of us. xox

  1. In your original post of this photo — all I could say was,”Wow!”

    Thanks for the poem to add “more” to the experience.
    Love you!

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