2 thoughts on “Like a river flows. . .

  1. so this is what it nearly always sounds like when i read one of your poetries: the sound of breath being sucked through my lips and into my lungs. the sound of a gasp in pure amazement at the power and the beauty. (one of my journalistic life’s highlights: spending a long and winding afternoon with john o’donohue, God rest his soul; we began in an irish pub, but of course, and took it from there….)

    • One thing I love about you, Barbara – and there are many, many things I love about you – is that you “get” me. Thank you for this gift. My posts here are primarily interpretive, and it is beauty, above all, that I seek to share. It’s deeply satisfying to know my small offerings bring you pleasure.

      I am madly in love with John O’Donohue’s writings. He has made a profound and lasting impact on how I view the world. I cannot fathom what a joy and a privilege it must have been for you to spend an afternoon with him. Was this auspicious meeting for a special assignment, and if so, might there be a link to an article? I’d so love to hear more about this!! xox

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