trading time for timelessness

Day and night, the circuits of the cyber-world buzz with hype, headlines, deadlines, dire predictions, dissent, destruction, the breathless unimportance of who’s-wearing-what. I’ve had enough of the “real” world. I cannot absorb another word.

I am in need of respite, and today, I find it in the stillness of a prairie meadow. I’m not here to power-walk or to consult my watch. I’m in no mad rush. Let the rest of the world whirl by. I’m trading time for timelessness.

0087_trading time for timelessness

I step closer to admire the perfection of a single blossom of Queen Anne’s Lace. I could stay here all day in the company of this delicate flower, just to watch it stand on tiptoe to embrace the sun – here, with the meadow birds and undulating grass, with the crickets and the roving wind; here, in the gentle presence of nature; here, in the true world.

12 thoughts on “trading time for timelessness

  1. I, too, have needed respite this month. You capture both the need for stillness, and the solace of nature, so beautifully.

    • I’m so glad to know this resonated with you, Kristine – thank you. And oh, yes: my every encounter with nature restores my senses and revives my spirit. xox

  2. This is lovely. Sharon Creech, a writer I so much admire, also recently posted a little hymn to Queen Anne’s Lace on her blog. In my garden, I weed these out (and get a nice whiff of carrot, whose family they belong to). I’m trying to admire, even while I weed with a bit of guilt. But I love them along the road, or in meadows!

    • I love them along the road or in meadows as well! I can certainly understand your pangs of guilt as you go about weeding your garden, Jeannine – a pity to have to uproot such lovely blossoms. I didn’t know Queen Anne’s Lace is part of the carrot family. I’ve learned something today — thank you! xox

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