Magic portal

Magic portal_0086

Just beyond my kitchen window, I keep a bird bath filled with fresh water; nestled among my garden plants in the dappled shade of our Japanese maple, it mirrors the passing clouds, refracts sunlight, shines like quicksilver. It catches my eye constantly, and honestly, it’s a wonder I ever get anything done.

Throughout the day, I’ll pause at the sink and gaze out the window to the bird bath below. It looks like I’m here, but really, I’m not.

I have leapt into the sky.

12 thoughts on “Magic portal

  1. Oh, Amy, when I look at your photo, I see a round object with water and leaves and a bright red spot. After reading your description, I see MAGIC! Thanks for making me be more attentive!

    • Thank you, Katrina. I’m a dreamer if ever there was one, and I may as well admit it. I’ll leap into a bowl of sky every single time. Can’t help myself – irresistible! xoxo

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