a carefree circlet of midsummer joy

0083_and my heart dances with them

I’m madly in love with my nasturtiums. For me, a simple bouquet of these bright blossoms is the dawn chorus, summer’s sweet solstice, and a sunset serenade all rolled together into a single, symphonic celebration of warmth and delight. Here, dancing merrily in flowing skirts, are five lovely daughters of the sun: Amaranth, Carmine, Coquelicot, Saffron, Flame. With peals of laughter, they join hands and twirl together in a carefree circlet of midsummer joy – and my heart dances with them.

2 thoughts on “a carefree circlet of midsummer joy

  1. even their names tickle my tongue. i love nasturtiums as merrily as i love sweet peas. they are both of the flowing-skirt ilk. circlet of midsummer joy….you too are in that circlet. your every missive brings joy. thank you.

    • Oh yes – I love sweet peas, too. I’ve never gone so far as to give flowers names before, but the sweet faces of these nasturtiums reminded me of joyous sisters. This, in turn, reminded me of Hans Christian Anderson’s gorgeous tale, The Little Mermaid, which I used to pore over as a child. Do you happen to remember his description of the mermaids’ undersea gardens? Yesterday, I called to mind the littlest mermaid’s garden – it was round and filled with blossoms the color of the sun. And voila – my fanciful nasturtiums post took flight! I’m tickled to know you enjoyed it, Barbara. Thank you, so much, for your perennial words of kindness. xoxo

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