a single star, perfect in form

0046_a single star, perfect in formI fail to notice it at first.

It’s so small, half-hidden among the winter-whipped remnants of last year’s leaves. But it’s there, a blossom blue as twilight.

Head bent, preoccupied, and light years removed, I work the tines of my garden rake around and between heuchera and penstemon, my thoughts endlessly orbiting the traces of a vanished world.

All at once, I spy it, this sudden flash of blue. The first flower of spring.

Its gentle gravitational pull brings me back to earth. I touch down on one knee, and, with gloved hands, uncover a single star, perfect in form, trembling on a slender stem.

Sometimes, I let myself drift in a frozen universe, chilled to the marrow, searching for life, in need of a miracle. Here, twinkling at my feet, I have found one.

Blue scilla, my tiny Polaris, little earth-star, you have guided my heart home. Home, to the present moment. Home, to a sense of wonder and gratitude. Here, in the spring of another year. Here, with the many I love.

Like the weary wanderer I am, the one so apt to float away in search of that which cannot be found, I weep for joy.

Home again.

10 thoughts on “a single star, perfect in form

    • Many thanks, John. I have often found that the smallest things in nature have the greatest resonance. All my best wishes to you and yours~ xo

  1. Your poignant essay of the “earth star” (what a perfect name for them) made me weep. I, too, spotted their soft blue petals against the cold dark earth this week, along with the first dancing snowdrops, finally showing their tender green hearts along their white hooded heads. Plus the frogs have arrived and have been singing spring into the air. I’m reminded of how grateful I am for this time of year and this feeling of being ‘home.’ Thank you for this stunning piece that made my heart swell. I do not know you and yet your words, once again, ring that of a kindred friend I have known forever.

    • One of the greatest joys in life is that of feeling oneself understood. You have understood the whisperings of my heart, Maude, and I’m profoundly touched. It seems we speak the same language – the language of flowers and quiet woodlands. Your description of your own lovely spring garden rings of ‘home,’ and although it’s true we’ve never met, I recognize in you a kindred spirit and friend. I’m grateful to dear Katrina for introducing us, and I’m blessed indeed to have your companionship here, where we have an opportunity to visit back and forth along the garden fence. Thank you, so much, for your kindness. xoxo

    • Katrina, bless you, and thank you – for these words, for your perennial kindness, for the joy of calling you my friend. Whenever I hear from you, I’m home again. xoxo

  2. Just lovely Amy, you reminded me how beautiful it is to see those first buds of the season, it truly does fill your heart. Thank you for the memory and your beautiful words. Happy to be introduced to you via Katrina…

    Sending you warm wishes from Saigon..

    • Jeanne, what a delight it is to connect with you, all the way from Saigon! The internet is truly an amazement. I’m grateful to Katrina for so many reasons, and now, for another: you. I’m so glad we’ve met, and I look forward to future exchanges with you.

      Yes, the first blossoms of spring – they grow more miraculous with each passing year. So pleased to know my words have stirred your memory. Thank you. xoxo

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