On this cold winter’s night, here’s to love

0013_On this cold winter's night, here's to love

Weather report: a blizzard is howling across the midwest tonight, sending ferocious blasts of icy north winds to obscure roadways, issue cases of frostbite, shake houses, claw at windows. The storm is expected to dissipate a few hours before dawn, but the mercury will continue to plummet, forcing a new round of school closings and community cancellations, temporarily locking everyone and everything in a deep freeze.

Jeff stepped outside in the darkness with his camera a few hours ago to capture this minute-long exposure of our storm-tossed woods. What fierce majesty resides in the forces of nature, what severe beauty chisels winter’s austere face.

Snuggled under a fleecy blanket tonight, I offer prayers for all those impacted by the storms of life – people and creatures alike – prayers for all who are lost in the chaos of weather or circumstance. Before I retire, I’m warming this winter evening with a calming passage from Katrina Kenison’s recent, heartfelt memoir, Magical Journey:

Our best, most human answer to loss is love: love that we carry forward with every act of kindness, generosity, and worship. Love that dismantles barriers. Love that heals. Love that is not something we do but that is revealed instead as who we really are.

When I’m wakeful with worries about the well-being of those I love or those impacted by events I have no control over, it’s good to reminded that love has the power to fill in every gap. On this cold winter’s night, here’s to love – the beautiful force that somehow manages to supersede anything nature can conjure.

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