Etched in fine-spun snow

0009_Observers of nature

Yesterday, I chanced upon a sparrow’s dainty footpath etched in fine-spun snow and marveled at the delicate imprints. Around our home, a veil of snow serves as the daily news. Here, a white-footed mouse left minuscule paw prints and a tiny tail track; there, a cottontail rabbit bounded away and over the hill. During the winter, deer, raccoon, fox, coyote, and variety of other forest creatures intermittently crisscross our snow-dusted hillside, and, just like peeping into a woodland guest book, it is always interesting to read whose autographs are scrawled across the snowy page.

5 thoughts on “Etched in fine-spun snow

  1. I don’t know how you do it! You notice the smallest, yet most delightful things!
    Since this is not my gift, God bless you for bringing these wonders to the hearts and minds of those too distracted to notice. (I can also include overwhelmed, self-focused, and all life situations that blind us to these wonders).
    We are so fortunate to have our Amy to help us see more clearly. ❤

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